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My name is Greg Roth and I will be your host on this website.

I’m a speaker, trainer, and creative consultant. I like to talk about ideas and marvel over how they happen. I love to work with folks who want to get better at their lifestyle, not just want a handful of hacks.

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Here’s more about me:

From the Beginning

I was born in Bethlehem (PA)

I grew up wanting to be either a baseball player or a musician, or both if that were an option.

For as long as I can remember, I was always trying to put a creative twist on everyday things. Some kids played whiffleball, we played with a tennis ball and plastic bats with electrical tape on them. This combo allowed us to hit towering home runs into the neighbor’s yard. I once built my own miniature golf course in our yard. I did that once.

I emceed the 6th grade talent competition. At one performer’s request, I had to move a grand piano onstage by myself, which got one of the loudest ovations of the show. In high school, one of my teachers thought I should channel my energy into writing. So, I ran the school newspaper, because I know a good idea when I hear it. And, because it allowed me to start my own comic strip.

did graduate, by the way. College, too.

Working my way to Now

I’ve been a “professional” for 20 years. That journey includes:

Journalist for a daily newspaper, where I helped break a story about NCAA violations in the Millersville University basketball program.
Multimedia Producer for Florida-based startup Visual Edge Systems, and the pioneering video golf lesson series with PGA champion Greg ‘The Shark” Norman.
Managing Editor of Chamber Executive, still the best magazine in the chamber of commerce field. I inherited it as a newsletter. It’s since won awards.
Program Officer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where I ran the national flexible workplace initiative and various STEM and CTE efforts.
Press Secretary in the U.S. House of Representatives, where I wrote a floor speech that garnered over one million views across dozens of media outlets. Ask me about how it almost didn’t happen.
Deputy Director for an association of statistical professionals, where we launched the ambitious Public Data University.
 at the National Association of Realtors, where I wrote modest events like the President’s inaugural address and our convention’s signature general session, NAR360.
Presentation Coach to startups, entrepreneurs, executives, and elected leadership for associations.

Overall, I’ve had around 100 “jobs”, or efforts for which I was paid. Some of the more notable ones have been musician, emcee, mascot, photographer, actor (“winner, best acting”), referee/umpire, pedicab driver, tour guide, paperboy, stand-up comic, crayon maker, video producer, showrunner, focus group participant, farmhand, and pizza delivery dude, and garbage truck crewmember. I both champion this path and don’t necessarily recommend it.


Greg Roth
aka The Idea Enthusiast
Based in Washington DC