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Newsletter Stories from April 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from February 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.



Seth Godin on how you should react when your ideas get stolen. [4-4-18]

How to get a promotion when you’re an introvert. [4-4-18]

Why you should NOT share your goals, according to science. [4-4-18]

Adam Grant on the power of humble narcissism in leaders and why it works for them. How long before there’s a blog/book/podcast called The Humble Narcissist? “Not long enough” is the answer, I bet. [4-11-18]

The key to good luck is an open mind, an in-depth piece on researcher Christine Carter’s efforts to explain the mystical forces that shine on some, but not others. My favorite piece of the week. [4-11-18]

What’s your “learning style”? Don’t worry about it, they’re largely nonsense anyway. [4-11-18]

The most common type of incompetent leader is the absentee leader. [4-18-18]

Minor Threat: DC punk auteur Ian Mackaye is the subject of this deep dive into DIY ethos and values (Contains F-bombs). [4-18-18]

The tortured zen of Garry Shandling, inside the mind of an original thinker, writer, and entertainer. I watched the HBO documentary and loved it. [4-18-18]

Nerd Alert: Open Culture has over 11,000 digitized issues of sci-fi, fantasy, and detective fiction that you can download for free. [4-18-18]

“I joined a procrastination support group and it changed my life”. [4-25-18]

How perfectionists get out of their own way. [4-25-18]

Gaping Void’s latest cartoon print, “My Son is an Entrepreneur”. One for the haters. [4-25-18]



To win an argument, think like a cat. This does not mean lick yourself. [4-4-18]

The Minnesota Twins make a problematic “unwritten rules” argument. Sports, in general, have long been a world plagued by “retro-thinking”. [4-4-18]

How to stop being a control freak. [4-4-18]

An HBR study on 4 ways to deal with a toxic co-worker. #1 is to confront them. Bold strategy, Cotton. Hope it works out. Not on the list: subterfuge. [4-11-18]

The skeptic’s case for design thinking. I’m critical of what I see as a cult forming around the design thinking process, but it’s still a very useful approach to solving problems more honestly and strategically. I prefer design sprints, however. [4-11-18]

INFOGRAPHIC: Pros and Cons of remote team collaboration. [4-11-18]

Sally Kohn’s Time piece on what working at FOX News as a liberal taught her about arguments, excerpted from her book. [4-11-18]

7 strategies to argue and disagree your way to better conversations. [4-18-18]

Clean up messy team dynamics by using the “emotional cleanup” system. [4-18-18]

What the “bias of crowds” phenomenon means for corporate diversity (or how GoDaddy screwed up). [4-18-18]

The 76ers use player show-and-tells to create moments of conversation, collective introspection, and unscripted humor in service of team-building. Contains snakes, tattoos, coffee, civil war, Australian wildlife, and base reality theory. Excellent read. Go Sixers. [4-25-18]

Brainstorming is killing your creativity, use question bursts instead. [4-25-18]

Inside Amazon’s unique memo reading culture for staff meetings. [4-25-18]

The unintended consequences of a too-nice work culture. [4-25-18]



What But Why looks at how to communicate complex ideas. [4-4-18]

How to respond when you hear the word “no”. [4-4-18]

What really happens when someone stares at you. [4-4-18]

People with depression use different language and here’s how to spot it. [4-4-18]

What behavioral science says about impulse tweeting. I bet you can guess. [4-11-18]

The inside story of Reddit’s website redesign. And the Reddit thread about the Reddit website redesign. See what I did there? [4-11-18]

Writing advice for visual thinkers from the guy who inspired this newsletter, Austin Kleon. Please share with your friendly neighborhood design professional, perhaps over very cool-looking scones. [4-11-18]

What it’s like to quit social media when you’re a teenager. [4-18-18]

Why your writers should be allowed to pitch story ideas. [4-18-18]

More and more non-media companies have a “Chief Content Officer”. [4-18-18]

Our brains rapidly and automatically process opinions we agree with as if they are facts. [4-25-18]

“Thanks, Algorithms!”: No one is original anymore, not even you. Heavy emphasis on philosophy and fashion. [4-25-18]


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Newsletter Stories from April 2018