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Newsletter Stories from December 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from December 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.



The Last Curious Man: the enormous life of Anthony Bourdain, according to those who knew him best. [12-5-18]

VIDEO: Lucas Brar shows you the 10 levels of jazz guitar in 4 mins. All great art is made up of small steps along the way. [12-5-18]

The elite cabal of “Mall Santas” making up to $20,000 every Christmas season. “There are professional Santas and there are guys in red suits.” Amen. [12-5-18]

psychological traps that ruin your creative thinking. Avoid the boiling frog syndrome. [12-5-18]

You make decisions quicker and with less information than you think. A few experiments from the U of Chicago. [12-12-18]

Why we all take the same travel photos. Turns out the photos themselves may be to blame. [12-12-18]

From corporate exec to writer – after turning 40. It’s never too late to start. [12-12-18]

VIDEO: The last chess shop in NYC, a surprisingly moving 5-min short. I walked right by it last week without even realizing it. Will have to visit next time. [12-12-18]

This school cafeteria manager writes messages on banana peels and the students love it. (If you get the paywall, close the window and click again). [12-19-18]

The Year in Review list of year in review lists, mostly by the brands themselves. Still, excellent timewaster if you’re mailing it in this week. [12-19-18]

The two hungers: how curiosity (brain) and appetite (stomach) work in similar ways. [12-19-18]

“I’ll do it later”: the syndrome of waiting 10 days to do something that takes 10 mins. FLIPSIDE: Procrastinate like DaVinci and Darwin. [12-19-18]



How to collaborate with people you don’t like. [12-5-18]

3 designers tackle the question: “is it important to agree with your client’s morals?” [12-5-18]

When you feel left out at the workplace, you need an ally first, then a friend. [12-5-18]

Our broken way of problem-solving and what needs to change. “Intelligent people are, somehow, more prone to making dumb decisions.” [12-5-18]

Don’t give up on a great idea just because it seems obvious. [12-12-18]

How Home Depot made design sprints work for them, part of a three-part series about team problem-solving. [12-12-18]

Dealing with naysaying employees, specifically Brad and his passive aggression. Get bent, Brad! [12-12-18]

The upside of conflict, from a study of international civil society organizations. Figuring out how to disagree for the good of the org is an essential workplace strategy. [12-12-18]

Hard truths about innovative cultures. Every desirable attribute is on a slippery slope. [12-19-18]

The factors that separate good team building from bad. Actually workplace practices, not talking about trust falls here. [12-19-18]

To design a new experience in the medical field, IDEO took it’s team to the airport. [12-19-18]

Living like the user: software engineers at Boeing board a test flight in order write better code for airplanes. #challenegemindset [12-19-18]



Developed in-house, the NY Public Library talks about their “All Books are Free” Black Friday spoof ad. [12-5-18]

NPR’s Terry Gross shares her secrets to better conversation[12-5-18]

VIDEO: Max Rose is the first Democrat to win NY’s 11th district in 40 years and some of the credit may go to his team of “deep canvassers”. [12-5-18]

Designing logos for history’s most famous painters. You think your brand identity is good? [12-5-18]

Who decides what words mean? Bound by rules, yet constantly changing, language might be the ultimate self-regulating system, with nobody in charge. [12-12-18]

Why humans evolved into such good bullshitters: a psychologist explains our obsession with other people’s opinions. [12-12-18]

On the other hand: Do we have the concept of gossip all wrong? A look at how to harness its power for good. [12-12-18]

Finally, the resilience of Costco: A 150+ slide presentation that is way more interesting than you’d expect. More text than I’d like on slides, but a nice, clear narrative about the company. [12-12-18]

15 of the best marketing stunts, “activations”, and creations of 2018. List includes Gritty.

The Pitch podcast does a live show at Wharton in Philly. This article provides background on the Shark Tank-like program and includes writeups on the three competing pitches, which you can take stylistic lessons from, especially #3. [12-19-18]

A look at how historians used ‘Twitter threads’ to add context and accuracy to the news cycle in 2018. [12-19-18]

The Cleaners is a documentary that profiles the hardest (and most horrifying) job in Silicon Valley — the content moderator. [12-19-18]



Working a day at one of the busiest Chick-Fil-As in America. [12-5-18]

VIDEO: Colin Quinn talks to NYC cab drivers about ride apps, the industry’s suicide rate, and the future of the “Yellow Taxi”, if there is one. [12-5-18]

Tracking your spending closely for one month by writing down every purchase. In addition to using Mint, that is. [12-5-18]

Payless ShoeSource constructs a fake luxury brand and tricks fashion influencers into spending $640 for their discount kicks. [12-5-18]

Writing and storytelling lessons from the Rudolph stop-motion TV special, the beloved holiday movie with a fairly twisted premise. [12-12-18]

WeTransfer asked 10,000 creatives where they get good ideas and put together this visualization of the answers. [12-12-18]

A young woman calmly challenges the use of Islamaphobic language at a public debate. [12-12-18]

How one man’s quest to spread Christmas cheer led to a miserable four-year war with his neighborhood. Let;s all try to keep our heads, OK? [12-12-18]

Quitting Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google for 30 days. [12-19-19]

What reading 1182 emergency room bills teaches us about our health care system. [12-19-19]

Lessons from those who succeeded later in life. [12-19-19]

Half-Imposter Syndrome: Observations from a mixed race American traveling in Africa. [12-19-19]

VIDEO: People from all 50 states explain how they know you’re not from their states. [12-19-19]


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Newsletter Stories from December 2018