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Newsletter Stories from February 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from February 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.  



Thrillist went ahead and ranked all the Super Bowl ads and, good news, they’re all on one page. [2-7-18]

Also, here’s the whole story behind that Crocodile Dundee ad that is or is not actually a movie. [2-7-18]

“Imagine having no talent. Imagine being no good at all at something and doing it anyway.” The late life redemption of Rodney Dangerfield. [2-7-18]

10 rhetorical concepts you can use to communicate creative ideas. [2-7-18]

2017 winners of the SkyPixel Ariel Photography Contest. I’m not telling you to steal these for powerpoint slides, but the thought did cross my mind. (There’s also an iPhone category.) [2-7-18]

Don’t let a lack of self-awareness be your “thing”. Also features a reading list on emotional intelligence. [2-14-18]

NASA scientists confirm that we are born creative but school ruins it[2-14-18]

user experience (UX) explanation of why you hate your new job. [2-14-18]

Recapping the epic Twitter beef between Boston and Philadelphia art museums. [2-14-18]

“I’ve broken every bone in my body at least once.” A video overview of Jackie Chan’s unlikely success story. [2-21-18]

I’m sick of articles that cite Steve Jobs’ genius, but I’m making an exception this time because it’s about the upside of procrastination. [2-21-18]

5 female creative leaders share their wisdom for being great. [2-21-18]

By 2020, the number of self-employed is projected to triple[2-28-18]

How the creators of the first ever fully-painted-yet-also-animated movie made it happen. [2-28-18]

You can use this very simple PDF calendar generator to make sure you stick to whatever your plan is each day all year. Print it out, cross off a day at a time. [2-28-18]



Does your workplace have a culture of critique? That is, are you able to evaluate and talk about others’ ideas productively? [2-7-18]

To do that, you need intellectual humility. See where you fall on the 1-9 scale. [2-7-18]

Meet Bark, the NYC startup that has a formula for designing a funnier dog toy. [2-7-18]

A writer gets fired for disagreeing, but is committed to continue disagreeing. I’d like to meet this guy. [2-14-18]

To find a great idea, start with the worst idea possible. I do this in conversation all the time, just to see who has a sense of humor. [2-14-18]

What working in a dark office does to your brain, based on rat-testing anyway. [2-14-18]

How to talk to your creative collaborator, including a handy “do say, don’t say” section. [2-21-18]

In TV writers rooms tackling immigration issues, we learn that “it’s easy to write off an idea. It’s not easy to write off a person”. [2-21-18]

For this week’s deepest look into how to work with and respond to each other, inside the Twitter take-downs of NY Times writer Bari Weiss and the “call-out culture” of social media. [2-21-18]

6 sources for learning how to give feedback that helps people grow. [2-28-18]

Psychologists on how to take things less personally (13-min podcast) [2-28-18]

Does vulnerability lead to better creative work? An examination of Brene Brown’s research. [2-28-18]

Inside the ‘animal house’ workplace culture of the Dallas Mavericks. On the other end of the spectrum, how Robert Morris U uses personality analytics in its basketball program. [2-28-18]



My primer on speaking fundamentals and the 5 types of presentations that I use in my workshops. [2-7-18]

Adam Grant’s 6 ways to get me to email you back. Try them this week and tell me how it goes. [2-7-18]

Confessions of a fake news writer. Recommended for spokespeople. [2-7-18]

Finally, an incredibly epic oral history of Toto’s song, “Africa”, complete with rockstar language (you’ve been warned), embedded videos, and ruminations on creating something that takes on a never-ending life of its own. [2-7-18]

Here are the one two three greatest startup sales decks ever from ZuoraDrift, and Salesforce. [2-14-18]

How to be heard when you’re not the loudest person in the room. [2-14-18]

Please, for the love of [insert cosmic presence], do not have a slide this dense in your powerpoint. [2-14-18]

In the information overload age, it is absolutely your duty to perform a 30-second fact check. [2-21-18]

Always deliver the bad news first. If there’s only good news, make some bad news up.

Facebook has a Pages problem, while these brands show how to succeed at Instagram Stories. [2-21-18]

Finally, this guy says he’s heard 20,000 elevator pitches. Wonder if any of them were for apps that block one from hearing bad elevator pitches. [2-21-18]

Why do so many tech companies’ logos have the same look and/or feel? One of the reasons may be how you’re viewing this story. It could also be how your brain sees a logo. [2-28-18]

When activists and advertisers collide: an exec’s brief overview of trying to change the narrative. [2-28-18]

There’s no substitute for quality. However, here are 19 tricks to increase email open rates[2-28-18]

Hubspot’s ultimate list of email subject spam words. [2-28-18]

Here’s an exhaustive comparison of 5 different smartphone cameras. Recommended because this is how you do a product review that everyone wants to read. [2-28-18]  

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Newsletter Stories from February 2018