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Newsletter Stories from July 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from July 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.


How Mr. Rogers became everyone’s neighbor[7-4-18]

5 everyday experiments you can run to improve your life. [7-4-18]

How to decide which ideas you should pursue. [7-4-18]

Why are we so certain about our mistakes? Ryan Holiday was one of my favorite keynotes at #WDS2018 a few weeks ago, here is his stoic-driven latest. [7-11-18]

The three levels of self-awareness, from the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F—. I only made it about a quarter of the way thru that book, just fyi. [7-11-18]

“Find your passion” is bad advice. [7-11-18]

The word is out: open offices suck. They increase distraction, drive down collaboration, and result in more emailing. Stuck in an open office? Here’s the WSJ‘s survival guide. [7-18-18]

Regrets from the guy who invented the internet (and how he plans to fix things). [7-18-18]

Five lessons from running a passion project that never made a dime in 3 years. [7-18-18]

VIDEO: Harvard Law student Pete Davis uses Netflix as an example of why keeping options open isn’t always a good idea. On a related note, it’s not your fault if you can’t get stuff done in the summer. [7-25-18]

One writer feels these 20 images by work culture artist Hugh MacLeod (@GapingVoid) will teach you more than 100 books. Maybe, but it’s a much smaller time investment and I love Hugh’s work. [7-25-18]

VIDEO: Knowing ourselves emotionally vs intellectually. [7-25-18]

What is the the true cost of adventure? One man’s VERY detailed account of exploring the U.S. by RV finds it’s about $90/day per person. [7-25-18]



How and why to ask better questions. [7-4-18]

Radical candor means to care personally and challenge directly at the same time. [7-4-18]

How to “win” every argument, according to a Duke University professor. [7-4-18]

A psychologist explains why humans can be so terrible to each other. [7-4-18]

“I’m every employer’s dream “diversity hire,” and it’s the worst”. Notes from a black, Korean, lesbian tech worker. [7-11-18]

The hierarchy and gender dynamics that drive conflict on surgical teams. [7-11-18]

And yet, too much team harmony kills team creativity. Obligatory jazz reference therein. [7-11-18]

The chief product officer at Box details their innovation team process[7-18-18]

How to hire better, based on lessons learned interviewing over 400+ engineers at three startups[7-18-18]

When your team’s path forward isn’t clear, take time to “carve it”. [7-18-18]

The Prior Idiots Phenomenon: when a new person joins your team, believes everything is broken because everyone before them is an idiot, here’s what you do. [7-18-18]

If you are looking to create a change movement (no matter how big or small), how many hearts and minds do you need to persuade? Researchers from UPenn and ULondon say 25%. [7-25-18]

For teams, there’s an important difference between good pressure and bad pressure, says the VP of product design at Facebook. [7-25-18]

In the aftermath of their CEO exit, Forbes lays out the “inside story” of toxic culture at Papa John’s, based on about 3 dozen interviews. Oxygen look at “6 insane revelations” from that article. [7-25-18]

Could you be too much of a team player? If so, you could also learn better team dynamics from a study of one thousand Dropboxs by Northwestern U. [7-25-18]



Got Milk? How the iconic campaign came to be, 25 years ago. [7-4-18]

An in-depth report on how and from where bloggers make their income. [7-4-18]

How Lebron James finally mastered the media game. [7-4-18]

8 email cliches that aren’t as innocent as they sound. Also, check out “Toddler or CEO”. [7-11-18]

18 ideas about how to create a hit, from the book Hit Makers. [7-11-18]

2020 hopefuls get failing grades for commencement speeches. Lot of people keeping it “real boring, String”. [7-11-18]

Finally, a montage of dance moments from over 300 films, condensed into 7 minutes. Impressive editing work. [7-11-18]

12 lessons from the Help Scout blog on the art of negotiation[7-18-18]

An comprehensive breakdown of Ali Wong’s hour-long stand-up comedy special. Impressive detail and would be worth it just for the killer web presentation. [7-18-18]

It’s not just a mimimum-wage job for teens anymore. Inside the world of competitive sign-spinning. [7-18-18]

“Is it gender bias or do I just suck?” Dr. Esther Choo asks Twitter about self-doubt and discrimination. The thread takes off. [7-25-18]

The body language mistakes you don’t realize you’re making at work. [7-25-18]

“Can I go home now?” Networking tips for introverts. [7-25-18]

The new wave of fact-checkers who want to save the world, or at least beat back “fake news”. [7-25-18]


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Newsletter Stories from July 2018