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Newsletter Stories from June 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from June 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.



10 things you don’t know about yourself. [6-6-18]

The most popular course at Yale is about being happy. Here’s a DEEP DIVE inside from someone who took it. [6-6-18]

What’s going on in your child’s brain when you’re reading them a story? [6-6-18]

Doing the self-help thing responsibly[6-13-18]

What to do (and not to do) when you feel insecure[6-13-18]

How music helps creatives deal with anxiety and depression. [6-13-18]

The neuroscientific case for facing your fears. Based on mice. [6-20-18]

Seeing vs reading: developing the flexible mindset for creativity. [6-20-18]

Science behind improv, as told through rap, jazz, and comedy. [6-20-18]

The inside story of how a bunch of kids got a new state reptile for N.J. “The voting was intense” reads one sentence. [6-27-18]

Thoughts on how to transform anger into empathy[6-27-18]

The usefulness of thinking small. [6-27-18]



4 lessons from the maker movement, about meetings, criticism, and working together. [6-6-18]

VIDEO: How to stay calm under pressure. [6-6-18]

5 innovative brands and how they do it. [6-6-18]

Solving the right/wrong problems in the legal field with better teams. [6-6-18]

Why teams should argue, demonstrated by a Mexican government taskforce. [6-13-18]

Researchers at the University of Kansas are following social media sites and sports blogs to study how people argue. [6-13-18]

Excerpted from his new book, Dream Teams (currently in my Audible que), Shane Snow says bad ideas can be incredibly useful. [6-13-18]

steps you can take once you have an idea. [6-13-18]

5 common complaints about meetings and what to do about them. [6-20-18]

Giving feedback at work that doesn’t destroy your environment. [6-20-18]

How 4 companies fixed “meetings overload”. I live by #1. [6-20-18]

Favorite team-building activities from association staffers. These don’t sound particularly substantive, however. and one case sounds downright ill-conceived. Partially why “team-building” has a bad connotation. [6-20-18]

Putting all of your star players on one team can stifle creativity. [6-27-18]

Five features of better arguments, from a former Clinton Administration official. [6-27-18]

How to collaborate without burning out. [6-27-18]

Rethnking 6 management mantras for better innovation. [6-27-18]



“The Intuitive and the Unlearnable” or why some designs won’t ever stop sucking. [6-6-18]

VIDEO: Design legend Milton Glaser reflects on his I ❤️ NY icon. [6-6-18]

Brian Koppleman, screenwriter and co-creator of “Billions”, writes a 5-part tweet about listening with imagination. In my speaking workshops, I refer to this as “street language”. [6-6-18]

Your graduation speech in 50 words or less: pearls of wisdom 20 years after the fact. [6-13-18]

20 ideas on the craft, process, and impact of writing. [6-13-18]

What the London Underground map can teach us about design (and communication in general). [6-13-18]

A 4-step guide to ranting productively. Step #4 is the key. Ranting is for relief and clarity, it’s not a strategy. [6-20-18]

Zen habits on how to overcome being annoyed by people. [6-20-18]

A writer heads to the very first gym for your face. Filed here because the exercises are good for improving your speaking and presentation skills. [6-20-18]

How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness. [6-27-18]
Our online behavior — including fake news and harassment — is a design problem. [6-27-18]

Clever illustrations visually define the same words that have different meanings. [6-27-18]


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Newsletter Stories from June 2018