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Newsletter Stories from March 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from March 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

NOTE: Weeks 3 and 4 of march 2018 had no newsletter because I was on my Honeymoon.



It turns out that people don’t know themselves very well. Oh, is this how I’m coming of because this isn’t me. [3-7-18]

How 12 teens — all of’m female — invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless. [3-7-18]

“We’re really afraid of talking to people that we disagree with “. Lessons on listening to the other side at TC Williams High School. [3-7-18]

Distinction Bias: Why you make terrible life choices, complete with cartoony illustrations. [3-7-18]

You can learn to relax (or, how to be lazy). [3-14-18]

How to nurture your creative 6th sense, told through a design school experiment showing two different fonts to lawyers and doctors. [3-14-18]

Do you live in a bubble? Take the Bubble Quiz, as designed by the libertarian writer Charles Murray. [3-14-18]



Doist explains how they manage 60 remote people across 23 countries. [3-7-18]

When “doing strategy”, find a way to make yourself an outside voice. [3-7-18]

“Those who don’t believe but actively want to engage in a conversation are the right kind of naysayers“. IDEO’s language is annoying sometimes (“transform their organization with a purpose-led workforce”), but there are good points here. [3-7-18]

Here’s how ants work together to build bridges, complete with timelapse video. [3-14-18]

How smart people handle difficult people. [3-14-18]

Your company culture does not need to be warm and fuzzy. [3-14-18]

The first stage in the design thinking process is called “empathy mapping” and this is a heady, yet well-written explanation of what that means. Written from a user experience (UX) perspective, it has actual visuals, as well as sample questions we ask when we’re in a meeting where it doesn’t feel like we’re solving anything. You know those types of meetings. [3-14-18]



A guy wrote about storytelling and haters on Medium and I left a really long comment because I think he oversimplifies things. I don’t expect he’ll respond, but you could give me a handclap. [3-7-18]

If you could go ahead and handle a boss who over-communicates that would be great. [3-7-18]

The stories behind 5 well-known logos, including Domino’s original, seemingly-shortsighted plan. [3-7-18]

Inside the mysterious art — and big business of –choosing the right color. Feel the pressure?  [3-7-18]

Great pitches come from customers. Stop talking about how amazing your organization, your product, or your service is. Customers tell you why they buy. [3-14-18]

A recent study of 12 years of Twitter data find that fake news spreads faster than true news — and it’s our fault, not the ‘bots. [3-14-18]

The lonely life of a professional YouTuber. Just to caution you, this is a Vice piece, so you’re going to feel old reading it. [3-14-18]

There are no shortcuts to producing great content. The price of creation is time. [3-14-18]



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Newsletter Stories from March 2018