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Newsletter Stories from May 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from May 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.



Observations on a “non-linear” career path, from the VP of Design at Intuit. Only 27% of college grads have a career related to their major. [5-2-18]

One-sentence descriptions of 42 books that will make you a better person. [5-2-18]

How to manufacture creative inspiration, instead of just waiting for it. [5-2-18]

FROM ME: A list of things that TV writers rooms do to get unstuck. [5-9-18]

Thoughts on how to escape the procrastination doom loop. [5-9-18]

VIDEO: Dylan Marron says turn negative comments online to positive comments offline. [5-9-18]

Too much experience can hurt your decision-making, so maybe it’s time to spot and overcome your biggest weakness. [5-9-18]

Inside Milan’s opulent retirement home for musicians. Rec’d for the unusual story and nice pics. [5-16-18]

VIDEO: Skillshare on how to stop being a people pleaser. [5-16-18]

For a more creative brain. follow this 5 steps. [5-16-18]

Not sure if this is good news or bad news: what 6 people did after watching a TED talk. [5-16-18]

For your kids, curiosity is a direct path to developing self-control. Probably goes for us adults as well. [5-23-18]

Understanding the Pygmalion Effect, or faking it until you make it. [5-23-18]

The math men have overtaken the madmen. [5-23-18]

For Monopoly-makers, Hasbro, cheating led to a creative breakthrough. [5-30-18]

After 8 years of pharmacy school, he became a designer instead. [5-30-18]

Empathy has its limits: You can’t feel sorry for everyone. [5-30-18]



Inside Pinterest’s KnitCon, where best ideas come from a meeting of opposing viewpoints. [5-2-18]

This is your brain on false expertise: how to stop being swayed by the loudest person in the room. [5-2-18]
How the founder of Reverb empowers introverts on his team. [5-2-18]

NPR is looking for poems about teamwork. Deadline May 11. [5-2-18]

Deceptive messaging and conversations that kill your workplace culture. [5-9-18]

VIDEO: The effect of a rough childhood on receiving and handling criticism. [5-9-18]

INFOGRAPHIC: 27 ways to refocus a team. [5-9-18]

The 4 scenarios of new ideas for innovation teams and how to handle each. [5-16-18]

Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest, offers some advice on better decision-making, which (ironically) includes not worshipping Silicon Valley leaders so much. So, bring this up next time you’re at a conference and the speaker only talks about Apple, Google, and Facebook. [5-16-18]

VIDEO: Arguing in front of your kids can help teach them creative problem-solving skills. If you do it right. [5-16-18]

Rethinking 6 different management “mantras” (YAWN) for better innovation in nonprofits. Good primer on creating new stuff in your org. [5-16-18]

Lessons out of the 99u conference on being a better creative leader. [5-23-18]

The Radical Candor movement tackles the art of “humble feedback”. [5-23-18]

What it takes to think more deeply about complex problems. [5-23-18]

One designer’s thoughts on learning to love your bad ideas. [5-23-18]

Washington Post reporter (and DC standup comic) Elahe Izadi goes inside the writers room at Late Night with Seth Myers. [5-30-18]

Readers respond in harrowing detail to Fast Company‘s story on the sexism of open office design. [5-30-18]

Strategies to use disagreements to build stronger teams. [5-30-18]

How golf startups are bringing innovation to a tradition-steeped game. [5-30-18]


Long read: How and why good people turn bad online. [5-2-18]

look at the TSA’s award-winning Instagram account, which btw placed #4 on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 list. At #5? Beyonce. [5-2-18]

Your choice: 7 writing tips from Jerry Seinfeld or David Mamet’s two rules for finding success. [5-2-18]

The hand-made sketchbooks of traveling artist Jose Naranja (story includes plenty of photos). Keeping a journal has many benefits. [5-2-18]

A historical perspective on why humans will always need and respond to the powerful narrative. [5-9-18]

10 commercials disguised as short films. [5-9-18]

What marketers should know about marketing to personality types. [5-9-18]

Why and how “stories” took over your smartphone. [5-9-18]

If someone asks your opinion of a design and you’re not a designer, here are a few things to keep in mind. [5-16-18]

Flashing back a few weeks to when I talked about “sharing sessions” at work to build “team language”, Research Digest dissects exactly why teaching others is a great way to learn things for yourself. [5-16-18]

Seth Godin on how to create value in your story. One quibble I have: not everything does or needs to come with a story. Sometimes, the presence of meaning is more than enough. [5-23-18]

Trends vs Fads: defining and spotting each. [5-23-18]

“Communication debt” refers to all of the knowledge-sharing, messages, and notifications that need your attention. One school of thought on how to keep your team out of it. [5-23-18]

A lesson in humility and bias: 3 years of research after #thedress. [5-30-18]

“A creative idea needs creative direction not group consensus.” Thoughts from BBH on making great advertising, but it applies to all creative pursuits. [5-30-18]

And finally, the best, worst, and most repetitive emails of the GDPR avalanche. [5-30-18]


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Newsletter Stories from May 2018