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Newsletter Stories from October 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from October 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.



It’s never too late to peak in your career. Let’s hope so since I feel like I’m just getting started. [10-3-18]

When to work: How to optimize your daily schedule for energy, motivation, and focus. [10-3-18]

What’s it like to “feel safe”? This woman hired 3 bodyguards for one day. [10-3-18]

The guy behind of the famous marshmallow test has more advice on self-control. [10-3-18]

THIS WEEK’S CONUNDRUM: How to improve in 6 months vs how bad are you willing to be at the thing you want to be great at? [10-10-18]

Drawing is the best way to learn, argues a new book called “Stick Figures” so here’s a tutorial on how to start sketching thoughts and ideas. [10-10-18]

Feeling burned out? Fantasizing about a new life? Work towards that big resetwith experiments, not passion. [10-10-18]

Meet Anthony Mancinelli, the world’s oldest barber at 107 and still cutting hair. [10-17-18]

The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world. [10-17-18]

How to feel when you’re not feeling it, a Zen Habits look at opening your mind and offering your talents to the world. [10-17-18]

CONUNDRUM: Follow your passions vs Don’t follow your passions. [10-24-18]

For screen and stage, film director Sam Mendes works like a sculptor—continually molding and remolding space, speech, and gesture. [10-24-18]

Badass-centric author Jen Sincero says you may need to upgrade your inner circle of friends. [10-24-18]

Hacking your anxiety to make it work for you. [10-24-18]

Always start by understanding you don’t (or it doesn’t) need to be perfect. Being good enough is it’s own rewarding experience. Being comfortable with not even being that good is perfectly legit as well. Focus on the attempt. [10-31-18]

The power of shutting up and sitting in silence[10-31-18]

An essay drawing a parallel between bullshit jobs and the bullshit web. [10-31-18]

The oft-repeated, but still instructive tale of two film companies, one that flamed out and one that figured out new possibilities, decision-making, and change. [10-31-18]



Opposing views: What it’s like to have Steve Jobs swear at you vs SORRY NO this is not OK. Finally: His “best” insults, compiled. [10-3-18]

Buffer’s 3 activities and a gameshow for your next company retreat. [10-3-18]

An experiment to understand how dolphins learn to work together. [10-3-18]

How to disconnect from the “always on” workplace culture. [10-10-18]

The CMO is the new chief collaboration officer, with CarMax as an example. [10-10-18]

Ask yourself these questions before giving honest feedback. [10-10-18]

What the world’s most extreme workplaces can teach us about teamwork. [10-10-18]

Help your team do more without burning them out. Focus on being energizing, not energetic. [10-17-18]

Why you need to make your team uncomfortable from time to time. [10-17-18]

The rise of the “silent meeting”. [10-17-18]

Researchers at Vanderbilt U tried a few experiments aimed at reducing racial bias in groups at work. [10-17-18]

You won’t believe what I heard: You should stop complaining about your colleagues behind their backs. [10-24-18]

It’s good to be back from vacation, now here’s my feedback on what you did while I was away. [10-24-18]

An $800 countertop pizza oven for your home and how the product design team at Breville made it happen. [10-24-18]

There’s no such thing as difficult people. Hooray? [10-24-18]

IDEO responds to critics of design thinking[10-31-18]

Are “chats” the key to building teams that work better together? Findings from a study at UC-Santa Barbara. [10-31-18]

The all-female trio, Boygenius, is comprised of three indie-rock solo acts who learned how to collaborate while making their first EP. [10-31-18]

Successful virtual teams share these qualities, according to an experiment at the U of Iowa. [10-31-18]



More than anything else, employers want speaking skills, yet our schools don’t really teach them. [10-3-18]

How Trello’s one-man email team manages to do it all. [10-3-18]

The best way to be highly influential  is to be human to everyone you meet. [10-3-18]

9 ways to explain your introversion. [10-3-18]

Big data gives the “Big 5” Personality Traits a makeover. Findings from an analysis of 1.5 million people. [10-10-18]

The most hated poet in Portland OR and the weird world of Instagram poetry. [10-10-18]

VIDEO: The secret to leaving comments online. [10-10-18]

An analysis of 200,000 reviews of Las Vegas on TripAdvisor led to this piece on what type of customer reviews most influence buying decisions. [10-17-18]

Inside this story about someone who earns $6K/day writing for Instagram are lessons on how to punch up your social media posts. [10-17-18]

PODCAST: Houston teacher wins the Toastmasters’ World Championship of Public Speaking. [10-17-18]

That went better than I realized: How we have a distorted view of the quality of our own conversations. [10-24-18]

The most productive meetings don’t have slide decks. [10-24-18]

Creative agency Lippincott shares the thinking behind 10 of its most recognizable brand campaigns. [10-24-18]

VIDEO: This clip of Ibram Kendi’s commencement speech from the University of Florida earlier this year asks a very simple question “Are you an intellectual?” [10-24-18]

How to successfully pitch the NY Times (or anyone else).

This interview with Megan Amram, a writer for The Good Place and The Simpsons (!) provides tons of insight on the writing life, being disciplined, and food puns.

When a stranger decides to destroy your life: A disturbing tale of online rumor-spreading.

More on how poetry has found a home on Instagram.



Starting with the October 10, 2018 newsletter I introduced a new section, “What I Learned”, to highlight folks who adopted personal challenges and wrote about the perspective they gained from doing do. “What I learned” became a precursor to my new keynote, “The Challenge Mindset”.

What a transgender candidate with a military background learned in nine months of running for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts. [10-10-18]

How to be a good man: a biz school prof spends one month reading feminist classics. [10-10-18]

An NBC News editor had her friends pick out her clothes for a week, affecting both her style and self-confidence. [10-10-18]

This boat salesman secret shopped at 100 competitors and here are his tips for improving the generic sales lead email[10-10-18]

Daniel Radcliff spends a day as the factchecker for New Yorker magazine. [10-17-18]

Life imitates Forrest Gump, sort of: Two guys walked 71,940 yards in honor of Saints QB Drew Brees and his record-setting career. [10-17-18]

Going to every pop-up experience in NYC that she could, a writer contemplates the emptiness of the trend. [10-17-18]

Taking part in unconscious bias training produces some uneasy revelations about the human brain. [10-17-18]

Appearing as a cultural expert opposite a white supremacist on the Today show. [10-24-18]

300 interviews with “high achievers” about their morning routines. [10-24-18]

A college professor worked as an EMT at the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall. [10-24-18]

Riding the scooter craze for one week at the University of Minnesota. [10-24-18]

This bartender is the secretly the greatest Tetris player in the world. [10-24-18]

DC-based freelance writer Andrew Zaleski takes “adulting classes for Millennials”, going inside the newest soft-skills cottage industry.  [10-31-18]

Looking through childhood artwork and contemplating a recent essay that urges you to throw your children’s artwork away[10-31-18]

Teaching in the Australia’s elite boys schools for 10 years — as a woman[10-31-18]

Revelations from having a life coach for 3 months[10-31-18]

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Newsletter Stories from October 2018