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Newsletter Stories from September 2018

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by Greg Roth

Each Wednesday, I send out a newsletter with links to “idea enthusiasm” stories from around the web. Here is a compilation of stories from September 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter here.



“Authenticity” on the job: perspectives from minorities on one of the most overused terms in worklife. [9-5-18]

Is everything we know about being distracted wrong? Making sense of the research into focusing our attention. [9-5-18]

Why your brain can’t let go of a grudge. [9-5-18]

Inside the Blockbuster store in Bend OR, the last surviving location of the former rental giant. [9-5-18]

Last week, I saw author Steven Johnson discuss his new book Farsighted, which examines the process of making difficult decisions. [9-12-18]

Frank Zappa and the power of cataloging your creative influences. There’s no shame in doing it. [9-12-18]

VIDEO: How Michael Jackson wrote a hit song, using “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” as a case study. [9-12-18]

What it was like to give a demo to Steve Jobs, told by the guy who prototyped the iPhone keyboard. [9-12-18]

Get lost in the Web Design Museum which has 900+ unique designs from the years 1995 to 2005. [9-19-18]

An online community for people addicted to doodling. Related: How to draw a wolf (and a cat, dog, and horse). [9-19-18]

quick warm-up exercise to get into a more creative mindset. [9-19-18]

The inside story of Ben Stiller’s high school avant-punk band. [9-19-18]

Stories of unusual inspiration: how 9 creative minds got their ideas. [9-26-18]

Need a new morning routine? Browse 300+ of them from successful people in a variety of professions. [9-26-18]

How to find more time for your side projects. [9-26-18]

There’s a thing called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and it’s exactly what you’d think. Preview some of the 2018 finalists thanks to The Guardian. [9-26-18]



6 chefs talk about fixing toxic workplace culture in the restaurant industry. [9-5-18]

The strange history of Myers-Briggs, the most famous guide to understanding others, along with being our most questionable pop science success story. [9-5-18]

How the NY Times encourages employee-led innovation, as demonstrated by its recent Maker Week. [9-5-18]

How the latest successful “coaching trees” in the NFL challenges itself to stay one step ahead of copycat innovators, including the weekly “Beautiful Mind” whiteboard challenge. [9-5-18]

Understanding the neuroscience of feedback will decrease social anxiety and improve your workplace culture. [9-12-18]

Turns out, the wisdom of crowds might depend on not being in constant touch with each other. #personalspace [9-12-18]

VIDEO: Janet Stovell, speechwriter at UPS, has one of the hottest TED talks right now, talking about diversity and inclusion. [9-12-18

Design Sprints creator Jake Knapp reflects on running the team innovation process for the NY Times‘ Maker Week. [9-12-18]

Solving problems with the 5 Whys[9-19-18]

Having a healthy workplace culture means setting rules for email. [9-19-18]

How bosses waste their employees’ time, according to Robert Sutton (author of the famous book “No Asshole Rule” who I had a recent Twitter exchange with, thx Bob). [9-19-18]

Ilan Frank, Director of Product (!) at Slack, outlines why he believes Agile teams define the modern work world. [9-19-18]

Design thinking: defender of the status quo? [9-26-18]

Stories of workplace conflicts and survival advice. RELATED: We map out past relationships into new ones, that’s why we often overreact at work. [9-26-18]

INFOGRAPHIC: The 6 Socratic Questions to use in your next meeting. [9-26-18]

“Diversity and inclusion fatigue” is real and it’s not spectacular. 8 steps to make D&I efforts more walk, less talk. [9-26-18]



How to email like an actual person, including extensions that proof-read your clarity. BONUS: How Gmail happened. [9-5-18]

Beware the disproportionately-sized power of anecdotes, especially in polling. [9-5-18]

The mystery of people who speak dozens of languages. What can we uni-linguals learn from them? [9-5-18]

Scientific American looks at Internet buzzwords and their misleading power. [9-12-18]

Researchers (and UNICEF) test new ways to persuade kids to drink more water, less soda. [9-12-18]

Top moments from this past week’s Content Marketing World and INBOUND conferences. [9-12-18]

The difference between power and influence. [9-12-18]

“OK” — How a cheesy joke from the 1830s became one of the most widely spoken words in the world. [9-19-18]

Should students be required to give in-class presentations? One tweet ignites a debate. [9-19-18]

TIME examines whether audiobooks as good as reading. (I’ve recently started actively listening to audiobooks, meaning, I take notes as I listen, instead of passively playing them in the background.) [9-19-18]

Jargon and bullsh*t are why people don’t understand “design” (or the thing you care about). [9-19-18]

How to be better at parties, including a “don’t be that person” section. [9-26-18]

VIDEO: Why we don’t feel “in the moment”. Recommended for the incredibly proper British accent. [9-26-18]

An interview with author Matthew Willcox on how human nature drives choice and what that means for marketing. [9-26-18]

5 creatives discuss whether or not to delete their social media accounts. [9-26-18]


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Newsletter Stories from September 2018