I’m an experienced keynote and workshop presenter, having spoken to audiences as large as 3500 and as intimate as a dozen. My sessions are always interactive, sometimes irreverent, off-the-cuff, and fun, mixing in my experience in communications, creativity, workplace management, government, sports journalism, pop culture, and the performing arts.

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For shorter video, here is me doing a 5-minute talk with auto-advancing slides  at Ignite DC, “What Your Overused Catchphrase/Buzzword Says About You”. This is exactly how funny I usually am.

Catchphrases and Buzzwords

For a longer speaking sample or evidence that I can easily fill an hour, here is my session at INBOUND 2017, “Understanding and Using Humor in Marketing”. I had a ling out the door to get in this session and, eventually, the room was opened next door to simulcast the session, with 450 folks in all who just want to be funny.

Humor in Marketing INBOUND


I enjoy speaking to audiences from all industries on creative inspiration, teamwork, and presentation. This follows the three-pronged approach to “idea enthusiasm”: where ideas come from, how teams can have fun while killing it (professionally, that is), and all the ways we present ideas, from marketing to speaking to writing to virtually any medium of expression. I’m always tweaking and customizing based on the audience, but here are three I deliver the most with some common titles:

Where Do Ideas Come From? – In addition to my own experience as a creative professional, I’ve interviewed dozens of creative leaders and poured over research and “behind the scenes” stories about successful (and unsuccessful ideas). This talk is rich with anecdotes and the advice shared with me about how to make space for magic to happen.  Common titles:

  • Stale to Fresh: Becoming a More Creative Organization
  • Smart Creativity in a World of Senseless Brainstorming
  • It’s a Lifestyle Not A Light Switch

We Can Make This Idea Better – The middle stage in the creative process is dedicated to “idea fitness”, taking initial plans and making them legitimate solutions. This is often referred to as an “innovative culture” and this session examines exactly how great teams (and managers) do this through meetings, processes, critique, and my favorite, structured conflict. This includes strategies from any and all industries. Common titles:

  • Creative Differences: How to Establish a Culture of Critique and Conflict
  • Innovate Or Die with Idea Fitness
  • The Great Collaborator: How to Work Well with Anyone

Building a Better Pitch – From my stints as a speechwriter, spokesperson, press secretary, and journalist, I’ve spent a few decades analyzing and deconstructing how we deliver messages. This talk covers the four main elements of every pitch: promise, position, persuasion, and personality. A fun talk for personal development as a professional messenger.

  • Secrets of “Stale-to-Fresh” Brand Identity
  • Understanding Humor in Marketing and Messaging
  • Lessons from Living, Breathing, Compelling Presentations (including the 6 Speaker Personas)


“The evaluation results for Greg’s 3-hour interactive session on pitching, persuasion, and presentation at our 2017 Annual Conference and Expo were exceptional. Our members were actively engaged throughout the session and we received quite a bit of positive and enthusiastic feedback. In fact, a number of attendees cited Greg’s session as the “best thing about Conference”. We would highly recommend Greg as a speaker and presenter to any group.”

Sharron Crawford Corle, MS, Professional Development Director, Meals on Wheels America

“I shared the podium with Greg on several occasions and he was always prepared, succinct, and added humor to his presentation which engaged the group and drove home the message.”

Patricia Kempthorne, Executive Director, Twiga Foundation

“Greg did a great job of engaging the audience…idea enthusiasm works!”

Attendee, Florida Society of Association Executives, 2017 Annual Conference

“The only way this session could have been better was if it had more time.”

Attendee, Florida Association of Realtors, 2017 Annual Conference

“96% would retake a class with Greg Roth.”

Compiled feedback, Texas Association of Realtors 2017 Annual Conference

“Fabulous! I wish it ran longer. He was funny and relatable and inspiring.”
“Great material. Very useful.”
“Very informative! Loved all the examples!”

Compiled feedback, INBOUND 2017 Annual Convention