By Greg Roth

How TV writers rooms get unstuck

As part of my presentation at the Content Marketing Conference in Boston (May 2018), I dissected team collaboration techniques for creators, using TV writers rooms as a model for how the idea process works.

In particular, I looked at a dozen “behind the scenes” articles to see what the writers say works for them when they get stuck or feel that they’ve hot a creative wall. Here is a partial list of their experiences and suggestions, whether their show is largely drama, comedy, half-hour, hour, cable, or network TV.



Next time your team seems to be losing creative momentum, I hope some of these suggestions help hit the reboot button.

In no particular order, here are the stories I looked at and used to build this list:

‘Veep,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Atlanta’ Scribes Reveal Secrets of Their Writers Rooms: “Required” Arguments, “Group Therapy”