My workshops are a mix of instruction, discussion, interaction, collaboration, and experimentation. This is based on years of research into how you best learn new skills and having to suffer through dreadfully boring lectures, from college, through every career stage, until, unfortunately, even now. So, I try to be both facilitator and instructor.

Each one of my workshops works like this: I do some talking, then you do some talking, then we all try something new, uncertain, exciting, intimidating, and ultimately rewarding together.

Generally, these workshops fit into one of my 3 major categories, just as I lay out on my speaking page. Each session can be customized to suit your needs, or incorporate the latest research, practices, trends, and even hunches.

Finally, I also do one-on-one coaching, both in-person and by videochat. I currently work with a handful of clients on speaking, spokesperson, and creative collaboration skills. Email me if you’d like to talk.


“Greg collaborated with me to develop a two-day retreat for the marketing, communications, and technology staff. He led a session on approaches to creative problem solving that became the focus of the meeting. He then facilitated a few hands-on projects to promote design-oriented thinking and better team collaboration. Greg’s energy and knowledge were instrumental in pulling off a retreat that everyone saw as a great success.”

Bryan Derr, Senior Executive for Marketing, Communications and Digital Engagement, National League of Cities

“Our President-Elects needed a training that empowered them with the skills and knowledge to represent their local associations in the most favorable and positive light. Greg’s training delivered a tailored presentation that fit the specific needs of our incoming leadership and allowed them precious opportunity to practice their newly learned craft in a supportive environment.”

Steve McDonald, Education Director, Tennessee Realtors

“We brought Greg in as a messaging consultant and outside voice to help us refresh and focus our message. He looked at everything we did and proposed new ways to position our mission and our value. His insight and strategy improved the way ERIC — a membership advocacy organization for large employers – communicates. To put it another way, he helped us better understand what we do and why it is so valuable to members and prospective members. As a collaborator and speaking coach, he helped us develop everything from key messages to engaging presentations to full high-level speeches. He has a knack for taking what we’ve been saying the same way for too long and giving it a fresher, livelier, more-meaningful touch. His work was invaluable.”

Annette Guarisco Fildes,  President & CEO, The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC)

“APDU’s messaging to our membership and potential members was tired and off target. Greg guided the APDU Board and staff as we refreshed our brand, appealed to new audiences, and improved the content of our communications and marketing instruments. His talent and vision were an integral part of our successful revitalization.”

Warren Brown, President, Association of Public Data Users

“Greg’s strength is his ability to lend wisdom and refined insight into whatever matter is at hand. As we deliberated challenges and issues associated with the chamber of commerce profession, Greg had a capacity to quickly crystallize the issue, and begin the problem-solving process.”

Michelle Young Hodges, Executive Director, Belle Island Conservatory